Winter Clothing Gear

ARC'TERYX Cerium SV Hoody

ARC’TERYX Cerium SV Hoody **

Well, It’s that time of year again when you have to start thinking about pulling the winter gear that has been stored away out from the closets. This is the time to take an inventory of what you have and what you will need to get or upgrade.

We all have invested in many years of equipment for a variety of outdoor activities and many require certain equipment for those sports or activities in the winter time.

The one thing we all know is, we want to stay warm & dry all the time. At least I do! I have spent many years as a pro equestrian rider, down hill skier along with being a pro photographer and a host of other outdoor activities that includes of course birdwatching. I have learned the meaning of staying warm, dry and comfortable.

Start with layering you clothing equipment. Many advisors suggest to have your under garments like long underwear snug against you. Perhaps for some. I tend to have them a little looser due to comfort. I don’t like cloths that are skin-tight. When you layer your clothes it becomes thicker and therefore you can’t move around comfortably.

You can always run around and try to get the best deal going. I am all in favor for that if in fact what you buy keeps you warm, dry and comfortable all the time not just some of the time.  I would rather have to unzip or open up a layer to cool off than to be cold at anytime, anywhere on my body!  If you don’t stay warm & dry all over, then something is not working the way it should be in the system that you have and wear.

Layering is the key but done properly so as to keep warm and dry. So to that end here is a list of suggestions and gear of what I wear out in the cold.

Some of it I mix and match of what and how long of a day I am spending outdoors. Including just how cold it is out and what type of adventure I am going on.  Several garments are also for after I get back and change into comfortable cloths. I also take in to consideration these days how hot I am when everyone else is freezing cold at this stage of my life!

My suggestions below will keep you warm and dry but at a price when all is said and done. You won’t have to buy again unless your still young and growing. That is worth it to me for all the times I spent money on gear that just didn’t work at all. Buy once and be done with it! These suggestions are geared to outdoor activities who are out in the elements all day or standing around for long periods of time waiting for something to happen.

Socks ~ Smartwool, Darn Tough, Bridgedale

Turtleneck ~ I tend to put this on before next to my skin in really cold weather., then the Hot Chillys Yoked Zip-T on top.

Base layer / Long Underwear ~ Hot Chillys, La Montana Bottom & Top Yoked Zip-T. Or Silk and now lightweight merino wool too.

Micon Pants ~  Insulated to keep warm                                                  

Windpants ~ Marmot Precip Pants

Covert Cardigan ~ Arc’teryx                           

Mountain Hardwear ~ MicroChill Pants™-Pant/OM2658,default,pd.html

** Puffy Down Series ~ Arc’teryx  Cerium SV Hoody  | SV: Severe Weather. warmest Cerium hoody. Streamlined, lightweight down jacket filled with 850 grey goose down. This jacket is intended as a warm mid layer or standalone piece in cold, dry condtions.

Gore-Tex Lined Jacket ~ Arc’teryx Fision SV
Gore-Tex Shell Jacket ~ Arc’teryx Sidewinder
Muck Boots ~ Edgewater Hi, Artic Sport Hi
Super Feet Insoles ~ I have the green ones in all my boots. Look at the Grey merino too.
Lowepro Hiking Boots ~ Renegade GTX Mid
Baffin Artic Boots ~ Icefield
Gloves ~ North Face TNF Apex Glove, Level Gore-Tex Ski Gloves
Hats ~ Turtle Fur Beanies

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6 Responses to Winter Clothing Gear

  1. Brian Roberts says:

    Polypropylene is ok but it does smell very quickly. I have used Polyamide for the past couple of years and the bacteria don’t seem to like it as much. Have a look at They have a good range of technical thermal underwear.

  2. John Schaeffer says:

    Good info. I really enjoy the blog. Don’t stop!

    I prefer silk or one of the polypropylene compounds next to my skin. Cotton will hold moisture and get chilly in really cold weather. When fabrics get wet they start to conduct heat away from your body. The polypropylene and silk seem to breathe better. Some mountain climbers actually coat their feet with antiperspirant so they wont get wet.

    • Thanks John. Your so right about the cotton fact. However, I do it backwards due to I have very sensitive skin plus I get itchy with anything
      that is not cotton. I put my hotchillys over my turtleneck. Fascinating trivia about the mountain climbers that I didn’t know about.

  3. Deborah Kral says:

    Great topic, Mardi. You might want to condsider silk underwear, it is simply amazing. Very light but keeps you very warm! I also use their silk turtlenecks under sweaters.

    I’m going to research your sock suggestions. I wore a ski sock (brand unknown) years ago that kept my feet so warm I could walk on snow wearing just the sock and not get cold. I haven’t found anything quite as good as of yet!

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