Aperture 3 Pro Workshop

In this workshop we’ll explore what makes Aperture 3 Photo Editing easier to use than ever, like Faces, Places, Brushes and more. You’ll experience firsthand the robust editing abilities of Aperture 3 in addition to learning about the new features that will increase your editing efficiency like the Full Screen Browser, Advanced Slide Show and Adjustment Presets. This includes incorporating Watermarks and Copyright notifications on all your photographs for automatic output or printing purposes. With over 200 features, Aperture 3 will take your photo editing to the next level, and we’ll be there to guide you through the basics and prepare you to explore even more on your own.

This workshop is best suited for those who have a good understanding of Digital Photography. For more information & rates about Groups or One-on-One Training for Aperture 3 photo editing.

Contact: Mardi Dickinson at mardi@kymrygroup.com or 203-846-0359. Certification includes: Apple Certified Aperture 3 Level Two & Apple Certified Master Pro.

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