Yellow-Headed Blackbird

This digiscoped photograph above was taken with a Leica D-Lux 3 Camera. Attached onto a Leica Digital Adapter 2 and mounted onto a Leica Eyepiece 77 32X WW, that was  attached to the body of a Leica APO Televid 77 Angeled Scope. To read my post and see my complete digiscope set-up. Please click on My Digiscoping set-up.

4 Responses to Digiscoping

  1. Hello Mardi, it’s Brendan Murtha. I recently purchased a Canon Powershot A2200 for digiscoping and for up close shots. I knew the powershot brand is great for digiscoping, and I love the new camera, but I’m having some trouble with it. The lens is really small, and when i put it on the eyepiece of the scope, there is a big black ring around the photo and when i zoom in the image shakes around a lot and the camera won’t hold still because of all the extra space. I can crop it on the computer, but the real problem is keeping the lens steady in the scope. Any Suggestions?
    – Brendan Murtha

    • Hi Brendan,

      Great questions! Digiscoping is not a simple system and each set-up is very unique as you have come to find out. I will need to more information of exactly what type of system you have in a scope in oder to define it. Many systems you have to rig them up. There are no exact adapters.

      It’s important to center the camera and scope to line up the circle of light at the eyepiece. You need to find the ideal distance between the eyepiece and the camera lens. For best results, the use of an adapter to hold the camera in the proper location Is highly recommended.

      You want to have a sharp crisp circle to begin with. That means you are lined up and centered with you camera, adapter and scope.

      To eliminate vignetting, run the zoom on the camera up to until the dark circular frame disappears and they get a full-frame rectangular image. This requires running the camera
      zoom up to near the 1x mark while other eyepieces with narrower fields of view require near
      2x magnification on the camera zoom. Let me know how this works out.

      • Thanks for the tips Mardi! I have been zooming in and it’s working a lot better, and the only thing I’m working on now is focusing. But your tips really help.
        – Brendan

      • Brendan,
        Glad I was able to help solve a few mysteries. Keep the questions coming for any
        further help you made need. Hope to see you out in the field. One of my workshops
        series is going to be on digiscoping. I’ll let you know when the series will starts.

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