Warm Weather Clothing Gear

Awhile back I wrote an article on Winter Clothing GearSome of the same thinking applies, like layering, but the fabric and thickness has change to the elements of the warmer months.

Now it is time to switch over to warm weather clothing gear and accessories. We all have outdoor adventurers, whatever they may be, the basics of clothing appearel is important that matches your adventure. You want to be as comfortable as possible, cool and have elbow space in your clothing. I certainly do. My suggestions will keep you dry and comfortable but at a price when all is said and done. You won’t have to buy again unless your still young and growing. That is worth it to me for all the times I spent money on gear that just didn’t work at all.   

Solano lightweight Wind Stopper Jacket:                                                                      http://www.arcteryx.com/Product.aspx?EN/Womens/Jackets/Solano-Jacket-W#

Screen shot 2013-05-23 at 12.13.03 PM



Covert Cardigan: http://www.arcteryx.com/                                                                                                           


Covert Vest: http://www.arcteryx.com

Windpants ~ Marmot Precip Pants: http://www.backcountrygear.com


Shirts ~ ExOfficio: Air Strip™ Lite Long-Sleeve Shirt:                     http://www.exofficio.com/products/details/mens-air-strip-tall-long-sleeve-shirt


Bills Khakis: Long- Sleeve Cotton Shirts: http://billskhakis.com/                                                                                                                                                                                                


Hanes Beefy-T t-shirts:   Short or Long Sleeve 100% cotton. http://www.hanes.com/



Pants ~ Bill’s Khakis:                                                                                                                              Poplin Pants, Original Twill Pants, M2P Standard Fit Reverse Pleat: http://billskhakis.com



Shorts: http://billskhakis.com

Screen shot 2013-05-23 at 10.21.22 AM

Smartwool Socks: http://www.smartwool.com/mens/socks-2.html


LOWA Boots USA / Renegade II GTX® Low Boots: These are great boots. lower than the Mids (winter gear) for spring through fall use. I have both. Light, Gore-Tex. Again a favorite to buy and no break in time required at least for me. Put on and go! http://www.lowaboots.com


Muck Boots ~ Hoser Hi: The very best boot manufacture I have found for mucky situations.  http://www.muckboots.com/equineandpet/MB-HSH-000A.htm

All-Conditions Riding Boot:  Mucking out stalls, riding in the rain.              


Screen shot 2013-05-23 at 10.09.36 AMKeen Sandels: http://www.keenfootwear.com

T3_KhakiOlive_kakiolive_regularTilley Hats: http://www.tilley.com

Adams_2Adams  Ball Caps:                                                            http://www.wpsportswear.com/cgi-bin/live/site.w?location=b2c/product.w&product=lp101&top=catalog&parent=cat-00299&record=&frames=no&target=main&sponsor=000200

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