Bird Migration is Exquisite Timing™

Townsend P. Dickinson talks about Migration of birds and was a guest on April 20th on the NEW Radio Show “Bird CallsRadio” with host Chris Bosak. WSTC-WNLK 1350/1400 AM. Here is the radio archive to listen to.  04-16-11 Bird Calls with spots

Townsend, the photographer, is working on several exciting long term photography projects. The first involves a photo study of the environmentally challenged Long Island Sound ecosystem which has one out of every ten people in the United States living within one hundred miles of it.

Townsend has also been studying songbirds, especially the Wood Warblers for over forty years, and is adding to a body of photographs that attempts to capture as many aspects of the life cycles of common migratory birds during their year as possible for a book he is creating. One significant difference with Townsend’s work is that he is following the migrants to their wintering areas to document their life when they are no longer “our birds but are someone else’s birds for 6 to 8 months.”

Bird Calls is an exciting new venture for Chris Bosak and is the only Bird talk show in Connecticut and Westchester NY. Chris has already had a roster of who’s who in the world of the Birding. Guests on the show have included Milan Bull, Senior Director, Science and Conservation, Connecticut Audubon., Captain Larry Flynn., Frank Mantlik, Bill Wilson, Co-founder of Birds & Beans Coffee., Townsend Dickinson, Photo Consultant., Margaret Ardwin, Director of Education, Earthplace., and Frank Gallo, Associate Director, Connecticut Audubon, Milford Point. The list continues to grow.

Advertisers include Title Sponsor, Wild Birds Unlimited in Darien CT & Bedford Hills, NY. Regular Advertisers, Birds & Beans Coffee, Audubon Greenwich, Earthplace Nature Center and Graze, food directly from the farmers.

If your interested in becoming an adverstiser to get a target audience, Bird Calls is the place to advertise. Contact: KymryGroup™

Join Chris Bosak, Managing Editor of The Hour Newspapers and founder of Bird Calls, Birds Of New England. The show will include guest speakers, regular spots by birding personalities, tips, giveways, bird banter and, of course, calls from listeners. Call in every Saturday at 3pm with your questions! Bird Calls is brought to you by the Wild Bird Center.

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Welcome to the KymryGroup™. We will be showcasing photography by several different photographers with a look in time from 1922 to the present. Share Business, Marketing, Podcasting, Technology of Photography. Including adventures in the birding world and many other interesting insights and observations along the way.
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