Pledge To Fledge 2012

Children having fun on the beach with Black Skimmers in the distance. Cape May, NJ. ©Townsend P. Dickinson. All Rights Reserved.

I always get a wonderful feeling when I get the chance to talk with people that are just as passionate about conservation, birding and the great outdoors as I am. I cherish those memories of my first experiences with newly seen birds and those who shared them with me.

I had the opportunity to catch up with my friend Richard Crossley who first mentioned his initiative PledgeToFledge when I was co-hosting on BirdCalsRadio back in March 2012. He has since invited me to join in on this great idea.

l to r. Young Birder, Kristina Polk, Ken Keffer and Richard Crossley. ©Mardi Welch Dickinson/KymryGroup™ All Rights Reserved.

Hundreds of birders looking at Kirtland’s Warbler upon dike on Crane Creek, Ohio. ©Mardi Welch Dickinson/KymryGroup™ All Rights Reserved.

PledgeToFledge, was launched by Co-founders & Directors, Richard Crossley; Dave Magpiong; Michelle Mohilef; Danielle Mohilof Rudner and Keith Barnes. Dave, Michelle and Danielle were recent guests on BirdCallsRadio and I had the chance to learn more and become even more excited by Pledge To Fledge.

Bird Watcher’s on dike at Morning Flight. Higbee Beach, West Cape May, NJ. ©Townsend P. Dickinson. All Rights Reserved.

The Pledge to Fledge℠ (P2F) Campaign challenges birders of every interest and skill level to make a real difference by sharing their passion for birds with others. P2F 2012 is set to take flight on August 24th – 26th. Birders, educators, and nature enthusiasts, across six continents, will mobilize in savannahs, wetlands, forests, backyards, and parks, are urged to accompany friends and non-birders and enable them to experience the thrill of searching for, observing, and identifying birds in nature. The P2F Campaign represents the first ever Global Birding Initiative™.  To learn more click here: Pledge To Fledge

Children catching monarch butterflies to help tag & release at Lighthouse Point, New Haven, CT. ©Townsend P. Dickinson. All Rights Reserved.

Children are the future. Parents and grandparents, friends and acquaintances can share the wonders of the world and help all of us understand the past and foster a brighter future for living things on the planet. I have taken the PledgeToFledge and plan to do my part to introduce birds and nature to at least one other person on the weekend of Aug 24th – 26th. How about joining in too, share your wisdom and introduce to others your love of the outdoors.

Click the banner below to sign the Pledge!

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  1. Keith says:

    Excellent post, thanks Mardi.

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